cptrade has always specialised in offering precision mechanical machining services, such as:

  • rolling
  • turning
  • threading
  • gear cutting
  • grinding
  • broaching
  • milling


The rolling process deforms cold plastic.

The material is stretched beyond its elasticity limit, dipped and re-emerged as to the original turning diameter. The result is modification of the crystalline structure which takes on the conformation of fibres that follow the profile of the thread. The total absence of interruptions in these fibres guarantees an extremely high level of safety against breakage.


This type of machining has various ADVANTAGES:

  • High levels of repeatability. The rolled thread profile is always extremely precise and there is no difference between one piece and another.
  • Extremely smooth on the sides (the same as but also better than a ground surface) which gives a drastic reduction in screw friction and wear. Contextual lowering of motor absorption.
  • Increased material resistance, hardening the sides of the thread where the load is highest.
  • Greater motor/reduction unit silence.


With an extremely varied machine inventory we can turn large and small batches of parts. Renowned for product care and rigorous respect of the tolerances set by the client. Shafts of all types, flanges, bushings, pinions, pipe turning and many more find space in our production range. Thanks to constant yearly investments in cutting-edge technology in addition to simple turning, we are equipped to obtain pieces with holes, grinding and tap and dies both radial and axial, drastically reducing the end cost.

The list of materials we can work is also very varied:

  • bronze and bronze-aluminium for lead nuts and gears
  • Cast iron for flanges and gears
  • C40 for rolled shafts with rolled worm screw
  • FE for shafts in general
  • Aluminium
  • Free cutting steel
  • Plastic materials such as nylon, arnite, and more
  • Tempered metals
  • Stainless steel for simple turning and rolled stainless steel bars


Our company does not work only with rolling, it also carries out tool threading with removal and hobbing.

We produce tie rods and screws for translation complete with lead nuts, even continuous if required, on semi-finished products supplied by the client.

Our production range includes left and right threads with metric and imperial (Whitworth) steps.

Even the rolled worm screws can be made by removal with the help of our WANDERER thread milling machines. All this can be done on weakly bonded, tempered and STAINLESS steel. With our range of machinery we can thread up to a maximum length of 2000 mm.


Gear Cutting

To complete our production, we can machine gears with straight and helical teeth both on the finished and semi-finished products of the client.

Our machine inventory includes PFAUTER, LORENZ, STAEHELY and LIEBHERR all with automatic feeder, famous German brands of gear hobbing machines, excellent for large production lots. Grooving and gear cutting on semi-finished shafts using a PFAUTER horizontal gear cutting machine, and finally a round gear shaping machine.

We can also cover small production lots using a gear cutting machine with manual feed by CIMA.

The variety of machining we carry out means we can supply you with the gear and shaft or pinion with rolled worm screw that you need. Many leading companies in the domotics, sliding door, up and over door, and automatic gate sectors are our clients.

Our name stands for quality, continuity and efficiency.



Should one or more areas of the workpiece have to be ground, we can supply a product complete with grinding for both small lots and in series.

Our machine inventory includes two MORARA grinding machines for the outside of parts complete with a fully automated gantry feeder that is suitable for medium and large series. As versatility is one of the main strengths of our company, we can also supply ground parts even for small production lots.



To complete our service we have a vertical broacher that means we can produce seats for keys, grooves on gear wheels and bushes. It is an additional processing for us but it allows us to complete the range of machining we offer, following the various production phases of the details we supply at every moment.



Over the last ten years the market has been pushing towards CNC machines that can carry out multiple types of machining.

We followed this trend because of our desire to offer a continually improved and more efficient service, and over the years we have purchased turret lathes and sliding headstock lathes, all equipped with motorised tools.

In this manner we can carry out many different types of turning and milling operations in a single passage, which drastically reduces production times and costs.

If the work requested cannot be carried out directly by machine, we use a HYUNDAI machining centre.


CPTRADE srl. produces components for electric motors.

For over 30 years our companies have been manufacturing electric motors, components and plastic accessories; with a long time of technological experience, innovations and safety of products has permitted us to obtain the QUALITY SYSTEM ISO9001.

We are looking through our history with determination to the global future for supplying the client with standard and customized solutions.

The most important point for our group is offering reliability & service:


• From analysis of requirements to product design;

• From prototype to test of performance;

• From sales assistance to after-sale support;

• From project to supply of electric motor components on high efficiency;

• Norm: MEC – IEC – GOST.




NORM IEC 60034-30:2008

Download the IEC complete document.