about us



was founded by Paolo Cervio

It marks the fulfilment of my professional dream, a challenge for the future and a sign of trust in my own ideas.

I worked for fifteen years in the electric motor components sector, where I learned my trade from one of those post-war entrepreneurs brimming over with unique insights, abilities and characteristics.

I worked my way up until I was made head of sales and marketing, giving free rein to my curiosity about the men and companies who were my customers/competitors/suppliers and giving me a clear insight into what I saw as the evolution of the market over the next few years.

However, I was unable to convince the company of that idea, and some suppliers/partners/customers were equally sceptical.

I weighed things up, evaluated everything and decided to trust my instincts, setting up CPTrade from scratch.

The idea is a very simple one, namely that Quality pays: Quality in product but above all Quality throughout the chain, from supplier to customer.

Quality in human relations, professionalism and mutual respect.

Quality in creating a true consensus with my co-workers.

Quality in achieving a streamlined efficient structure using the latest in information technology.

Quality in the firm belief that while you may be able to lose an Order, you can never lose a Customer.

The results are now coming in, having built up a solid network of companies offering a service that is at one and the same time solid, practical and simple.

This is what we offer and we’re convinced we’re on the right path.

After that the objects, the products, the solutions are little more than a consequence, but a beautiful consequence indeed.